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Jess Horth

Jess Horth
VP For Development

Responsible for promoting membership and thinking of new and exciting ways to develop the sport and keep it growing. They also plan goals/strategies for the future.

I first donned a waist belt back in 2011 and tried running with my parent’s dog, Jax. That’s where my love for canicross began and it spurred me on to buy my first dog in 2013.

This is when I started to discover all of the other Canicross clubs out there and a need for team clothing; Pupmalup was born!

I became a member of Wessex Canicross soon after that and worked hard to get my run time under 30 minutes. Harry and I took part in 5kx365, where we managed to improve our fitness over the year. I decided that I’d entered a couple of races in the past and how hard would it be to put on my own race? Turns out it’s reasonably hard on your own…. Chicksands Chase was in 2014 and incorporated both wheels and canicross, with all proceeds going to Blue Cross for Pets.

Harry and I have now stepped down from Pupmalup where the company is still going strong, so we can focus on a new career and lifestyle. Alongside all of that, my background is in sailing. I have taught sailing across a variety of ages and skill sets for a number of years and I’m confident that these skills and experiences are fully transferable to sled dog sports. I have coached an Olympic team in the UAE, while also teaching a huge number of people with disabilities.

I am a member of the BSSF Council as I want to see the sport truly expand and develop. I want to focus on all of our participants and improve the experience of each and every person out there. It makes no difference to me if they’re a Team GB athlete representing our country, or running in their local park with a chilled out Chihuahua. I want development across the board and for people to most importantly have fun.

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