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Robert Pidgeon

Robert Pidgeon
Mono Sports Rep

Your go-to person for anything canicross, bikejor or scooter related. They listen to your queries and suggestions and feedback to the rest of the council.

A lot of you already know me but for those who don't here’s a brief summary of my history in the world of dog-powered sports:

Following a life of other sports (rugby, squash, cycling and road running) I discovered Canicross and practiced that for a few years.

During that time I was one of the people who set up Colchester Canisports Club. As the years caught up with my knees and running became more painful, I got interested in Bikejor and now do that as my main sport.

I jointly set up Anglian Bikejor & Scooter Club and am still Club Chairman. I have 4 German Shorthaired Pointers - 2 actively compete, one is retired, and one is lazy.

Although I firmly believe our sports must be “open” I also think we need to protect the legacy of the Nordic breeds and their history in our sports.

Having said that we also need to be looking to the future and the recent Canine Triathlon events that some of us have competed in really excite me!

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