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Team Schwartz



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The Happy Go Lucky Dog Company, The Bike Shop Scotland

Gilli McLeod

We have a small kennel of racing dogs known as Team Schwartz (meaning "black" in German).

We've been running dogs since 2012, initially with our beautiful little black GSP Lexi, who we lost tragically, way before her time, to cancer, in 2018.
We still have her sister Nissa, as well as another black rescue GSP Riley (now you are starting to see where the team name comes from), Zen (a GSD x Doberman, our team security!), Rook (a crazy Scandinavian hound), & our best lead dog Rumour (an Alaskan husky). They all do canicross, bikejor, & work in a team on the rig.

Lexi made SDAS canicross champion with my husband last season, & our three dog rig team are also current Scottish Champions. Our four dog team (which includes Hendricks, another black rescue GSP) have achieved bronze in the first two legs of the BSSF Championship this season.
I work for a large animal rescue organisation & also do a lot voluntarily for GSP Rescue Services, having introduced many GSP's into canisports in Scotland - I'm not exaggerating when I say that in some case canisports have literally saved their lives.
Our team are sponsored by The Happy Go Lucky Dog Company, the legacy of our late friend & No1 fan Becky Johnson, & The Bike Shop Scotland, & we are extremely grateful for their support.

Gilli's Results

Class DR4
Position 3rd
Overall Points 2722