Canicross racing

Just two feet and four paws (sometimes eight...)

Canicross is probably now the most common discipline of the five well knows sled dog sports and the UK has got a huge number of international champions. Go to our athletes page to see just a few of them!

Brief history

Canicross has been going for as long as man has run with dogs, but it’s now become a sport in its own right over the past couple of decades. Runners can be seen attached to their dog via a special waist belt on the human and then elasticated line and harness for their dog's.

The dog then assists the runner by pulling them along, as their human tries to keep up! This is a fantastic way to keep you both fit, while having great company in your canine companion. It’s also a brilliant opportunity to give your dogs a good amount of exercise if they’re unable to be off-lead.

Local clubs

If you go to our club map page, you’ll see all of your local clubs. They will often have access to extra kit and equipment which you could try. This gives you an opportunity to see what works best for your own dogs before purchasing, while giving the sport a go in a safe environment. These groups usually train on a weekly basis too, so you’re able to have fun with a group of people, while exercising your dogs.

Please go to our vendor page to see a list of just a few of the UK suppliers that we like. They will be able to help you with any queries you may have and point you in the right direction. Also, don’t forget the power of advice from other likeminded people.

The racing season

The UK sled dog racing season (Sep – May) holds a number of races each weekend, all of them having classes specifically aimed toward canicross. This can vary from 1 dog or 2 dog classes and you can race with a multitude of breeds, just be sure to check their race rules for eligibility.

Canicross Gallery

Great Britain has some of the best canicrossers in the world..