Anti-doping Information

Prominent in Europe and starting to catch on in the UK

Anti-doping is something we all need to start considering, especially for people that are planning on competing abroad.

Although this is relatively new aspect of the sport in the UK, it’s already being implemented and followed in international competitions. This will become even more evident as the sport continues to move toward official recognition.

Every athlete should already know what goes in to their dogs, but they must now consider what’s actually allowed to be given to them. As an example, many medicines and additives can aid performance without you realising, so it’s a good idea to refer to a list and know what to leave off the next dinner, to avoid disqualification!

The dog anti-doping urine sample process can be found in this document; https://www.sleddogsport.net/upload/document/antidoping/Doping-Control-DOGS-Oct-2017-Step-by-Step-Procedure-IFSS.pdf

The athletes prohibited list of substances can be found here; https://www.wada-ama.org/sites/default/files/wada_2019_english_prohibited_list.pdf

 More information will be added to this page as and when it’s released.


pdf Doping Control DOGS Oct 2017 Step by Step Procedure IFSS (415 KB)

Anti-doping is something we all need to start considering