Races and Events

On your marks....

The BSSF host the National Championship series each year. This consists of 6 races over 3 weekends. One in Scotland, one in England and one in Wales.

Racers normally arrive the day before racing begins to get their camp set up, walk the trail, meet up with friends and share a cold one while catching up over the course of the evening.

When race day arrives the atmosphere changes, the race venue becomes a hive of activity from early hours of the morning. With athletes preparing themselves and their dogs for the busy day ahead. Be that pre-hydrating the dogs, doing their stretches, or taking one last lap of the course to ensure they are aware of every twist, turn and tree stump for when it becomes their turn to race. All this while usually being seranaded by hundreds of howling excited sled dogs.

Out on the trail

While out on the trail, there are a number of markers explaining to the mushers where to go.


Turns are marked in red and are placed on the side the turn is.

They are then followed by a blue confirmation marker. Blue markers also indicate straight on.

Yellow markers indicate a hazard on the trail

NO ROW marker means no right of way for overtaking teams. You are nearing the finish.

Race chip placement

At race registration you will be given a chip to put on your Lead dog's harness. This must be placed on the front or side of the harness to enable the timing system to record it correctly. It is secured using the velcro wrap provided.

Please see the pictures below showing the placement depending on the type of harness your dog wears. Make sure the number is facing outwards.


Marshall duties

To check the teams complete the prescribed race course by checking off the bib numbers to the start list etc as the teams pass. You will be provided with a hi-viz jacket and a radio. You should stand away from the course and not block any signage.

Start team duties

  • To call the next team to the start chute and line up the next in line. To check the race chip is fitted to the lead dog.
  • Snubbers hold the rig etc until just before the start.
  • To start the teams off.
  • You will be provided with a hi-viz jacket and a list of competitors to check off

Finish Team Duties

  • To watch a team come over the finish and check off to the start list.
  • To assist the Vet with reading and checking the racing dogs microchip(s) to the chip list.
  • To call a handler forward into the finish chute to collect a team at the Race Marshal's instruction.
  • You will be provided with a hi-viz jacket.


Chip Checker

The chip check is performed on every dog that crosses the finish line and the numbers are cross referenced to the chip list provided by the competitor.

the race venue becomes a hive of activity from early hours of the morning...